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The most mountain cuisine in the Principality of Andorra

Our Specialties

Our menu is adapted to each season of the year, offering typical seasonal products from our country such as: grilled meats, mushrooms, “Trinxats”, “Xicoies” salads or cods.

Andorran 'Bordas'

The word "Borda" is typical of the Pyrenees and is often used as a geographical term, but the most common refer is to the typical rural buildings made of stone and wood. “Bordas” were used as haystacks, stables, refuges or store farm implements.

La Borda

A great job of restoration is being done to convert a traditional ancient Andorran house in a fine restaurant, but always maintaining the essential elements that make a real Andorran Borda, as the stone walls and the wooden beams.

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Borda Estevet is a magnificent mountain restaurant that is conveniently located in Andorra la Vella.

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